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Explainable AI analytics that translates your data into proactive insights

Deltika lets you find out what guides your AI’s predictions.

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AI analytics for decision-makers

Make smarter decisions with our cutting-edge technology, cognitive approach, and optimization guidance.​

100% Self-Serve


don’t need a costly developer to understand complex AI models!

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can create a custom dashboard to find out which factors influence the AI’s decisions most.

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Explainable AI


don't waste time and make bad decisions.

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time and make smarter decisions with complete insight into your AI model’s thought process. Stay aligned with auditors and regulators.

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Custom Input

Leave the developers alone.

let them do what they do best.

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find out how your model will react to different kinds of inputs with a click of a button, without manipulating production data.

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Actionable Insights

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Our trademark is our Explainable AI for time-series technology, which invests heavy data science resources to understand the marginal impact of every single parameter over time.

Deltika introduces a brand new level of market transparency and enables a wide range of clients to make smarter decisions.

The Team

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Yitzchak Shamia

Co-Founder & CEO

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Roei Brudo

Co-Founder & CTO


Prof. Aryeh Kontorovich